Slovakia - washed HDPE film recycling


A 250kg/hr POLYSTAR recycling line was installed in Slovakia for processing washed HDPE and LDPE film waste.

The Slovakia-based recycler is now able to reprocess washed film flakes into high quality pellets. The Polystar recycling machine features an integration of a cutter compactor that provides further drying, cutting, densifying, dosing (with an additive feeder), advanced non-stop filtering and double degassing into an one-step, easy operating recycling system.

The HNT-85V is designed to work with washed, post-consumer HDPE, LDPE and PP film waste in addition to post-industrial waste. The cutter compactor, which generates frictional heat during the quick compacting process, helps to further dry and remove the water moisture from the washed film flakes (processed first by the washing lines). The recycled pellets can be used again in extrusion or injection processes, whether 100% (such as garbage bag, LDPE pipe production and etc) or as part of the mixture to reduce raw material cost. The pellets quality can also be improved by direct dosing of masterbatch and additives.