12th Polystar recycling line installed in Turkey immediately after PlastEurasia 2016


Issue date:20/12/2016
Source: CPRJ Editorial Team

After the PlastEurasia exhibition in Istanbul in December 2016, Taiwan-based Polystar immediately installed the show machine at one of the leading high density and low density polyethylene (LDPE and HDPE) bag/film producers in Turkey.

This was the 12th installation that Polystar has done in Turkey since 2015.

Istanbul-based recycler Sembol Plastik added its second Polystar recycling machine in 2016 and has been able to double its recycling capacity since then. The recycler now processes 800kg/h of polypropylene (PP) and biaxially oriented PP (BOPP) printed film collected from outside.

"We have been amazed by the compactness, stability and productivity of the Polystar recycling machines," said Director Sembol Plastik. "For that reason we decided to purchase the second Polystar after running the first line for just one year. We would certainly purchase the third Polystar in the near future as our recycling business grows."

Sembol Plastik is also a producer of plastic storage boxes, crates and pallets and applies 15% of high quality recycled pellets to its injection molded products. The company exports 40-50% of its products to the European market such as UK and Denmark.

The newly installed Polystar recycling machine operates 24 hours a day producing around 19 tons per day.