Vietnam – High speed blown film installed for T-shirt bags


Vietnam – High speed blown film installed for T-shirt bags

Vietnam has rapidly become perhaps the most important supplier of plastic bags for the Japanese packaging market since 2014. Many export-oriented Vietnamese plastic bag producers located in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh are expanding their factories faster than ever before. Moreover, they are finding the needs to upgrade the machines for better quality, productivity as well as stability in order to meet the standards of the Japanese buyers.

blown film machine from POLYSTAR in Vietnam

POLYSTAR has certainly played a significant part in this trend of major upgrades for these fast-growing bag producers in Vietnam, supplying premium quality blown film machines that can fulfill the requirements of not only the quantity (large amount of orders) but also the quality of the bags that are exported to Japan.

POLYSTAR has installed its machines in more than twelve film producers within the last ten months in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. “POLYSTAR’s machine has been nothing but amazing since day one,” said the director of one of the Ho Chi Minh based bag producers, now producing on an average of 75~100kg/hr of high quality HDPE film rolls in different calibers (sizes) for T-shirt bags with POLYSTAR’s twin-head blown film machines. “The machines are built to perform and we don’t have to worry about down time or maintenance issues that we used to have to worry about with our previous machines from local suppliers and China.” The film producer has already acquired two more POLYSTAR lines during this year’s Vietnam Plast exhibition.

plastic producers installed many blown film machines from POLYSTAR
HDPE bubble during the blown film process