Strong growth ahead in Mexico – 7 installations in 3 months


In order to meet the growing demands of the plastic recycling industry in Mexico, POLYSTAR decided to localize the service team in Mexico City to be able to provide customers a better and faster after-sale service. The cooperation with its local representation Plasticenter since 2013 has been very effective, providing in-time and local services to the Mexican film/bag producers as well as professional recyclers. More than 40 installations of POLYSTAR have been carried out since then in different parts of Mexico, including plastic producers who recycle their waste in-house (film, bags, raffia, injection molded, PS, PC) as well as professional recyclers who process a variety of material ranging from HDPE, LDPE, BOPP, laminated film to woven and non-woven waste collected from outside.


In the past 3 months, POLYSTAR has installed seven lines in Guadalajara, Leal, Pachuca Hidalgo, Reynosa, Tuxtla Gutiérrez, and Monterrey.


According to the film/bag processer located in Leal, the POLYSTAR line has allowed the company to use a higher percentage of the recycled pellets in the film extrusion lines while maintaining the same quality of the film product. “It allows us to enter a different market and increases our margin,” said the General Manager of the Mexican bag producer who exports most of its products to the USA.


In the case of another processor situated in Guadalajara: “POLYSTAR has a very good reputation in the Mexican market and is well-known for its recycling machine. Many of our nearby factories have been operating POLYSTAR for years, this was very convincing for us and an easy decision to make,” quoted the Jalisco-based bag producer. “With the new installation of our POLYSTAR, we can now recycle better and more easily. The operation is very simple and we can achieve good output consistently with excellent pellets quality.”