POLYSTAR to Install the 35th Plastic Recycling Machine in Turkey


plastic recycling machine install in turkey company

Following the recent developments for recycling business, in house recycling is one of the escalating trend among plastic product manufacturers in Turkey. Many manufacturers have started to recycle their post-industrial plastic wastes to directly return into production.

Thanks to user friendly machine design, responsive after sales services and fast delivery time, POLYSTAR has gained the trust of local manufacturers. Thus, until end of this spring the 35th POLYSTAR plastic recycling machine is going to be installed in Turkey.

Customer Experiences for POLYSTAR Recycling Machines

After a successful Plast Eurasia exhibition in Istanbul in December 2016, POLYSTAR immediately installed the show plastic recycling machine at one of the leading HDPE and LDPE bag/film manufactuers in Turkey. The bag producer is located in the industrial area only 6 miles away from the Tuyap exhibition center. This was the 12th installation that POLYSTAR has done in Turkey since 2015, supplying its recycling line to PE/PP plastic film producers, injection molded makers as well as professional recyclers throughout different cities in Turkey.

Amongst the successful installations, the Istanbul-based recycling company Sembol Geri Dönüşüm added its second POLYSTAR in 2016 and has been able to double its recycling capacity since then. The recycler now processes 800kg/hr of PP and BOPP printed film (collected from outside) on the new POLYSTAR and HDPE/LDPE on the first line that it previously acquired in 2014. Recycled pellets are traded both in domestic and overseas markets.

“We have been amazed by the compactness, stability and productivity of the POLYSTAR recycling machines,” said the director of Sembol Geri Dönüşüm. For that reason we decided to purchase the second POLYSTAR after running the first line for just one year. We would certainly purchase the third POLYSTAR in the near future as our recycling business grows.”

The newly installed POLYSTAR plastic recycling machine operates 24 hours a day producing around 19 tons (per day)

Short Delivery Time To Turkey

Short delivery time is beneficial for film and bag producers - Three Polystar standard film recycling machine models – the Repro-Flex 85, Repro-Flex 100 and Repro-Flex 120 (for output of 200kg, 350kg and 500kg per hour) can be delivered to Turkey within one month upon order confirmation.

The Repro-Flex Plastic Film Recycling Machine model is designed specifically for processing HDPE and LD/LLDPE film (both printed and non-printed), the screw and degassing design is also optimized to recycle film waste with high CaCO3 and recycled content.

The short delivery time has proven to be very beneficial for the Turkish film and bag producers as the machines can be quickly installed and immediately starting to reduce operation cost. The short waiting time between placing the order and receiving the machine also helps with cash flow and prevents the financial loss due to exchange rate.

One of the renowned film producers located in Istanbul who recently purchased a Polystar Repro-Flex 85 in October already has the machine up and running December. “This entire process is extremely efficient,” said Mr. Yaver, who has been running the Polystar 24/7 since the installation. “The last time we ordered a recycling machine from a European supplier, we waited almost 7 months to finally have the machine installed,” he added.

Local Service and Contact in Turkey

Our representative in Turkey, Mr. Emrah Cakir, discusses the benefits that he and Polystar can offer to the Turkish plastic producers and professional plastic recyclers.

Contact Emrah for more information, arrange a trial run with your material, or visit a Turkish customer who has one or more Polystar plastic recycling machines.