K 2016 review: POLYSTAR Recycling simplified

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Date Published:11/9/2016 05:11:25 PM

POLYSTAR presented its latest recycling machine model Repro-Flex at K2016

At K Show 2016, POLYSTAR presented its latest recycling machine model Repro-Flex, which is extremely easy to operate, perform maintenance and work with different types of post-industrial material.

With the slogan “Recycling Made Simple,” POLYSTAR showcased throughout the 8-day exhibition with live machine demonstration, processing various types of in-house waste including HDPE, LDPE, BOPP flexible packaging film as well as PP raffia and woven material with the same machine. Visitors were able to see how simple the operation is and how fast the machine can change from processing one type of material to another.

Over the past 30 years, POLYSTAR has installed thousands of machines in more than 100 countries. Its main goal has been to make the machines more user-friendly and compact. With proven success, abundant experience and customer’s feedback, POLYSTAR has been able to re-engineer its machines towards that direction.

“Many customers came to us in the last K fair in 2013, telling us that some of the European made recycling machines they have been using are too complicated and difficult to operate comparing to ours,” according to Jack Lin, POLYSTAR’s sales manager. “They want something simple and easy to maintain to teach their operators.” This is what exactly POLYSTAR can provide. Our primary goal is to simply the operation of the machine, making sure that our customers’ operators can learn and work with our machines with ease. We provide a simple and practical solution.

In addition, POLYSTAR’s sales and engineers have been talking a lot to the customers in the past few years, discussing with them which features are extra and unnecessary, and which other features they need that are missing from a machine user’s perspective.

POLYSTAR has also incorporated the ideas of Industrial 4.0 into its simple operation, launching the online spare parts system in 2015. A newly-launched POLYSTAR App (application) is also available for customers to quickly acess trouble shooting, maintenance requirements, user manual and many more from a mobile device or tablet.

Customers are able to see POLYSTAR’s machines live again in the upcoming exhibitions in 2017 at Plastivision India, Arabplast, China Plas, PlastPol, Plastimagen, VietnamPlas, Andinapack, PlastEurasia, and many others

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