Polystar's Repro-One technology offers one-step recycling for soft and rigid plastics

Issue date:12/09/2016
Source: CPRJ Editorial Team (JEN)

Polystar's latest Repro-One recycling technology has integrated a heavy-duty single shaft shredder that is directly connected with the extruder pelletizer, offering a one-step process for recycling of both soft and rigid plastics.

The recycling machine is ideal for polypropylene (PP) raffia/PP non-woven, polyethylene (PE) film manufacturer who process their rejected raffia waste (tapes, fabric, jumbo big bags, lumps, blown film start-up waste) generated from in-house production.

The recycled pellets can be put directly back into tape extrusion lines or blown/cast film lines for immediate reprocessing. These recycled pellets can be loaded in high percentages and still produce high quality fabric with good tensile strength and elongation, said Polystar.

In Repro-One, plastic scrap is processed by a single shaft shredder for initial size reduction. The precisely controlled ram inside the shredder continuously pushes the bulky material towards the rotating shredder.

After shredding, the material is fed directly into the extruder. The material feeding is auto-controlled by the hydraulic force. The material then goes through degassing (if the material is printed) and filtered before the die face pelletizing process.

The integrated shredder can effectively process large-sized waste such as jumbo bags, raffia, tape, rope, lumps from extrusion start-up, woven and nonwoven, without pre-shredding in advance.

According to Polystar, this eliminates the need of pre-cutting/pre-shredding large-sized, thick or bulky waste (including hard plastics), feeding the waste directly from the shredder into the extruder at a fast and constant rate without over-heating the material. It ensures continuous and uniform feeding to the extruder that produces high quality recycled pellets.

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