Polystar's double-head blown film machines benefit from growing T-shirt bag market

Issue date:21/07/2016
Source: CPRJ Editorial Team

Taiwan-based Polystar announced that it has sold more than 200 double-head blown film machines for T-shirt bag in 2015-2016 in Asian and Latin American markets.

These machines were installed in over 20 countries, including Vietnam, Thailand, Russia, Indonesia, Mexico, Columbia, Chile, Nigeria, etc.

Polystar designs and customizes this type of double head blown film machine, which is available in screw diameter of 55mm, 60mm, 65mm and 75mm and film width from 400mm up to 1,000mm on each winder.

The double head blown film machine also allows producers to switch between high density polyethylene (HDPE) and low density PE (LDPE) production as well as producing different film width on the same machine on each winder simultaneously.

Comparing to extruders with a single die head, the double die extruders can achieve higher production capacity when producing film roll that are small in width, as the high extrusion output is dispersed into two separate channels of the die heads instead of one, explained Polystar.

The double head blown film machine provides an economic alternative and has a faster return on investment comparing to a blown film machine equipped with IBC. In the double head blown film machines, higher output can be achieved with a bigger extruder (such as 65mm or 75mm in diameter) even when producing at smaller film width. It is especially effective for T-shirt bag makers who are looking for more economic machines with higher output, the company said.

Polystar will live demonstrate the improved double-head blown film machine in Taipei Plas 2016, Vietnam Plas 2016 and Columbia Plas 2016 in September.

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