Polystar – Presentation of recycling solutions at K 2016


Issue date:19/08/2016

Source: Packaging Films/ Markets and Events
  Polystar's Repro-Flex plastic recycling machine (Source: Polystar)  

GERMANY • The Taiwanese company Polystar redesigned its recycling machine and will implement the new concept “simple in design, flexible in operation” at K 2016. The Repro-Flex one-step plastic recycling machine is designed for the reprocessing of polyethylene (HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE) and polypropylene flexible packaging material, printed and non-printed.

The Repro-Flex recycling machine combines cutting, extrusion and pelletizing into one compact and efficient recycling line. The cutter compactor of the recycling machine prepares (pre-conditions) the material into an ideal condition for the extrusion process and feed the material directly into the extruder with a centrifugal force. Compared to conventional recycling machines, this integrated system does not require a separate crusher, and therefore, eliminates the problem of inconsistent feeding (over-feeding or insufficient feeding).

According to Polystar, the new machine has the following advantages: the integration of the cutter compactor directly with the extruder eliminating the need for pre-crushing plastic film, a high automation with flexible waste feeding methods; lower operation cost as well as an efficient die face pelletizing system.

Polystar further offers services such as maintenance guide, spare parts replacement instruction, machine operation guide and trouble shooting tool.


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