Polystar features at Taipei Plas 2016 with a global brand image

Issue date:29/08/2016
Source: CPRJ Editorial Team

Polystar presented a powerful brand image with global agent representatives from India, Japan, Mexico, Chile, Turkey, Vietnam, etc, grouping together at Taipei Plas 2016.

Due to the cost rising of raw material gradually, recycling issue has become the critical topic for the plastic industry. Polystar redesigned its recycling machine to implement the new concept "Simple in design, Flexible in operation" and was awarded the "Excellence in Research & Innovation Award 2016" at the show, the second time it won the award after 2014.

During Taipei Plas 2016, Polystar said it met with over 200 clients and got positive feedbacks for new project cooperation.

Polystar stated the major advantages of its recycling machines:
  -10% less power consumption; 20% higher output; 100% pellets re-usability
  -Fast and stable cutter compactor feeding control
  -High efficient degassing connected with vacuum pump for environment protection
  -Non-Stop dual channel piston filtration system
  -Automation Die face pelletizing technology
  -Intelligent pressure detection and alarm control system
  -Elegant industrial design
  -High efficient output by simple operation

As "Industry 4.0" concept will be the product development tendency in soon future, Polystar will emphasize on this trend and aim to develop the new solution which is integrated with intelligent and automation control, such as temperature, pressure, speed detection and data compensation system. Through data analysis and warning to the customer, some defect of the machine can be prevented in advance.

Polystar will showcase its new recycling solution at K 2016.

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