Chinaplas 2016 – Recycling technology as relevant topic

Issue date:26/07/2016
Source: Packaging Films/ Markets and Events

Plastic recycling will be an important topic, e.g. Polystar will show its machine HNT-V for the reprocessing of PE polyethylene and PP polypropylene flexible packaging material (Source: Adsale)
PRC • The trade show will gather about 150 exhibitors to feature recycling solutions covering the entire recycling process, from sorting, shredding and cleaning, to dewatering, drying and pelletizing. The exhibition organiser, Adsale Exhibition Services, will set up a recycling technology zone for the first time to showcase cutting-edge recycling technology.

Part of the new recycling zone will be companies worldwide. Norway based firm Tomra Sorting Technology will present its automatic sorting machine, Suzhou Dyun Recycling Machinery will show its DYSSG pipe crusher and shredder unit, which is able to shred the PE, PP, PVC pipe with diameter of 1200 mm and the Austrian company Erema will introduce Intarema Tveplus, the new generation of plastic recycling system with optimized triple degassing.

Moreover, Zhangjiagang Lianguan Recycling Science & Technology will present a waste material tray production line which employs co-extrusion and press molding for making WPCs. Further exhibits include three-in-one function film recycling granulating extrusion line displayed by Hua Xing Plastic Machinery for recycling LDPE, HDPE and PP waste film, plastic recycling machine HNT-V featured by Polystar is designed for the reprocessing of PE polyethylene and PP polypropylene flexible packaging material as well as Purui Plastics & Rubber Machinery’s ML75 pelletizing machine for film.

Adsale describes 2015 as a difficult year for Chinese plastics recycling industry due to falling prices of recycled plastic material following the decrease of the crude oil prices. Additionally, Chinese government has launched several measures to tighten up the handling of waste materials.

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