Istanbul based film producer goes for POLYSTAR

In September, Polystar installed another 250kg/hr plastic film recycling machine in Turkey.

The Turkish packaging company manufactures various types of printed and unprinted bags including grocery store bags, soft loop handle bags, fruit and vegetable bags as well as other types of food packaging products.

The newly installed Polystar recycling machine enables the producer to put the recycled pellets directly back into its mono and multi-layer blown film lines up to 100%, keeping the post-industrial waste recycling and film extrusion/reprocessing completely in-house.

The in-house recycling process results in minimal material property loss as well as controlling the quality of the material. The recycled pellets are of very good quality and are ideal for reuse in blown film extrusion.

The output ranges between 200~250kg per hour, processing different types of film and bag scraps of HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE.

The compact, one-step recycling technology (cutting/compacting + gentle extrusion + pelletizing) requires minimal space and labor intervention.

The bag and film scraps are fed via the belt conveyor while the nip roll feeder feeds the film-on-roll wastes into the cutter-compactor simultaneously. The feeding is controlled automatically (continues/pauses) based on how full the cutter compactor is. The cutter compactor then cuts and densifies the light-weighted film waste into a semi-molten condition (a gentle heating just below the agglomeration point), which is ideal for the extrusion process that follows. The cutter compactor then feeds the compacted material directly and consistently into the extruder screw with high output.

This was the 4th recycling machine installation that Polystar has done in Turkey in 2015, with a few more to be commissioned in the upcoming months. Polystar will also be exhibiting its recycling line in PlastEurasia this December with live demonstration.