Efficient in-house recycling in Chile

Efficient in-house recycling significantly reduces production cost

Temuplas, plastic manufacturer of high and low-density polyethylene bags, with operations in Temuco city, Chile, has acquired Polystar’s recycling pelletizing technology for recovering its in house production waste.

The increase in price of primary raw material forces plastic producers to minimize the use of virgin materials in order to save costs.

"We decided to bring our own recycling plant to process our own film waste and at the same time, creating surplus production capacity that allows us to collect industrial waste from other producers," said Mr. Ortiz, general manager of the Chilean company. The investment pays off rapidly because we are using less primary raw materials and savings in disposal cost.

Recycling has allowed Temuplas to save about 30 percent in raw material buying. The reuse of valuable secondary raw material has become indispensable for plastic producers today to stay competitive.

The successful case of Temuplas shows that even a medium (smaller) sized plastic producer can also recycle its own in-house waste thoroughly and efficiently and with a speedy return on investment.

Recycling without quality loss: Pellets ideal for reuse in blown film extrusion

With Polystar’s recycling technology, the recycled pellets are put back into the blown film production process. The soft recycling process results in minimal material degradation without notable property change.

Examples of the waste are PE edge trim and roll (from blown film), HDPE and LDPE film scraps, left over waste from punches, both printed and non-printed film from the production waste are processed.

Some of the film products such as garbage bags are made of 100% recycled pellets, and the quality of the end product remains superb.

A high performing, user-friendly, one-step recycling technology

“With Polystar’s recycling machine, we are currently processing 300kg per hour at a very stable and consistent rate,” says Marcelo Zurita, production manager of Temuplas. Besides being productive, the machine design is extremely user friendly and easy to operate. “Polystar has made recycling much more simple for us.”

The one-step technology (cutting + extrusion + pelletizing) requires minimal space labor intervention.

The waste material enters the machine from the belt conveyor (for film scraps and rigid plastic regrind) and nip roll feeder (for film-on-rolls) at the same time. The feeding is controlled automatically based on how full the cutter compactor is. The cutter compactor then cuts, dries and compacts the material into a semi-molten condition (a brief heating just below the agglomeration point), which is optimal for the extrusion process that follows. The cutter compactor then feeds the compacted material directly and consistently into the extruder screw.

Success in Chilean recycling market

Since 2013, Polystar has already installed more than 10 recycling machines in Chile alone in various cities and across different industrial sectors. With proven success and satisfied customers, Polystar has established itself as the premium brand of recycling line that offers reliable and high performing equipment in the market.