Johannesburg recycler goes for second POLYSTAR


Johannesburg recycler goes for second POLYSTAR

The plastic producer located in Johannesburg, South Africa has recently added its second POLYSTAR plastic recycling machine to increase the total capacity of its in-house film recycling.

The film/bag maker’s production ranges from polyethylene film products, food packaging to PP packaging film production.

The company is currently one of the leading manufacturers of industrial, commercial and garbage bags. In order to start reprocessing its film waste generated from in-house production, the decision was made to invest the first Polystar in 2011. “The Polystar recycling pelletizing technology gives us high quality end product from non-printed, printed and heavily printed films. It’s great to have one machine that does everything. The recycled pellets are then put directly right back into the manufacturing of garbage bags and other PE and PP film products in our plant,” explains Bolan, factory manager of the South African film producer.

recycled plastic pellets

Polystar installed its first 300kg/hr plastic recycling machine in this factory back in the year of 2011. The second addition of Polystar came in 2014 and has increased the total capacity up to 1 ton per hour.

The Polystar plastic recycling machine is an integrated system of a cutter-extruder-pelletizer into a one step, user-friendly technology.
The initial stage, which involves material feeding and compacting, is crucial to ensure high output for the light-weighted film waste.

The feeding is flexible with both the conveyor (for loose scrap material) as well as film on roll feeder. The feeding is precisely controlled for fast and stable output. Through the compacting process, the film waste is cut, compacted (through frictional heat) and prepared for the extrusion process that follows. The compacted material is fed directly into the tangentially connected extruder.

plastic recycling machine for printed film

recycled pellets from printed plastic film

Polystar will be demonstrating its plastic recycling machine in South African in the upcoming exhibition Propak in 2016, with a live demonstration of the film reprocessing and the production of high quality, 100% reusable plastic pellets. Since 2013, Polystar has already installed numerous plastic recycling machines with its latest double degassing system and high performing vacuum system, which is specifically designed, for heavily printed film.

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