More than 50 sets plastic bag machines installed in Russia

The largest plastic bag producer in Saint-Petersburg operates POLYSTAR plastic bag machine.

In Saint-Petersburg, Russia, the largest plastic bag producer has more than 50 sets plastic bag machine from Polystar since the year of 2012.

The plastic bag producer is the bag supplier for Pepsi, Coca Cola and Heineken in Russia. They use different kinds of plastic bag machines to produce variety plastic films and bags, such as mini type blown film machine to produce HDPE film and three layer blown film machine to produce shrink film.

To control the quality of the bags, the producer pays more attention to the plastic bag machines they are using in the production line. The producer choose European made plastic bag machine for producing shrink films and stretch films and POLYSTAR plastic bag machines to produce T-shirt bags and bottom sealed flat bags. POLYSTAR provided this customer compact type plastic blown film machine, bottom sealing plastic bag making machine and T-shirt bag making machine. The producer is planning to add another 6 sets of plastic bag machines in the year of 2015.