Recycling machine set up in Morocco's leading film producer

In January 2015, Polystar successfully mounted another 500kg per hour film recycling machine in Morocco, currently reprocessing HDPE, LDPE and PP film waste from in-house. This is the third recycling line that the film maker has purchased since 2007.

The cutter-compactor integrated plastic recycling system is ideal for in-house recycling, particularly for film producers. It can reprocess complete film-on-roll as small as 300mm up to 2 meter in width without pre-cutting. Film scraps from blown film or printing start-up as well as T-shirt bag cut offs from bag making process are fed from the conveying belt. The plastic recycling system pre-conditions the material into a semi-molten state for the following extrusion process. The material is cut, homogenized, heated, dried and compacted to ensure stable feeding and for an end product in consistently high quality.

In addition to supplying machines to film producers in Morocco, Polystar also works with the leading injection manufacturers in the country.

Plastic production waste is becoming more and more significant as a valuable secondary raw material. Escalating prices of primary resources forces the producers to minimize the use of raw material with the intention to save costs. As a result, plastic recycling system is an crucial line in film production today. On average, factories with more than 5 blown film machines need to acquire a plastic recycling machine to recover the waste that it produces, normally from defected film product, edge trim or cut offs. When the waste is recycled and kept in-house the quality of the recycled pellets can be better controlled.

The HNT-V Plastic recycling system is able to recycle HDPE as well as LD/LLDPE and PP. Shrink film, stretch film, EVA film are also applicable on the plastic recycling system.

Polystar has been supplying plastic recycling systems to Morocco since 2007 and has been working with factories of all sizes. Today there are more than 10 sets of Polystar machines operating in Morocco.