Second recycling machine installed in Cyprus


In January, Polystar installed the second plastic recycling system in Cyprus. The machine is mainly used for the recycling of LDPE film and pre-crushed PP and PE plastic regrind (rigid plastic) from tubes and pipes. The 65mm Polystar plastic recycling system is producing around 120kg per hour.


"We have been operating the POLYSTAR recycling machine for months and everything is working perfectly!" According to the plant manager Mr. Panayi, high quality recycled pellets are reused 100% in production.


Founded in 1969 and based in Cyprus, the manufacturer supplies piping and irrigation systems for agricultural, domestic and public use. The company serves more than 50 destinations in Europe, the Middle East and beyond, reaching as far as South Africa, Japan and New Zealand.


The Polystar plastic recycling system gives the versatility to the manufacturer to recycle both film and regrind waste generated from in-house. The cutter compactor handles both film waste and rigid regrind very well and produces uniform sized, high quality recycled pellets.