Plastic recycling system to Azerbaijan


Polystar has sold the 100 th air pelletizing plastic recycling system RP-120 to the film manufacturer in Azerbaijan. The mini plastic recycling system was launched in 2008 as an affordable, compact machine to complement the established, high output model HNT-V at Polystar. Since its launch, the air pelletizing line has been sold to film manufacturers worldwide.

Established in 1995, the Sumgait-based company has focused on the manufacturing of various types of polyethylene film products, including handle bags, striped bags, carrier bags and many other different types of packaging products. It supplies to well-known international companies such as Pepsi, Coca Cola, Puma and Adidas. Another production line was added in 2001 to produce green house film and shrink film for a different sector. Besides supplying to the domestic market, it also exports to Germany, Turkey and Russia.

This compact, air-cooling plastic recycling system is specially designed for blown film and cast film producers. The model can effectively recycle HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE film scraps (mono and multi-layer), start-up or changeover film rolls (film-on-roll), edge-trim waste, T-shirt bag bundles (cut- offs) from in-house production. lightly-printed film can also be recycled into high quality, uniformed pellets.


The space-saving plastic recycling system RP-120 has an average output of 40~50kg per hour, 800~1,000kg per day. Through the nip roll feeder, the plastic recycling system can process multiple film rolls at the same time. T-shirt bag bundles (cut-offs) from bag making process can also be put directly into the plastic recycling system without the need for pre-crushing.


This air-cooled recycling line does not require any water and occupies very little space, it can be placed right next to or in between blown film machines. The pellets produced by the hot die face pelletizer are 100% dry and can be put directly back into the production line for immediate reprocessing. This plastic recycling system is highly recommended for packaging film producers of varoius types of film and bags, such as flat bags, commercial bags, garbage bags, food packaging film, shrink film and many others.


Plastic film recycling machine is an important line in film production today, as in-house recycling significantly reduces the cost of raw material. On average, factories with more than 3 blown film machines need a plastic recycling system to recover the waste generated from in-house production.


After the hot die-face cutting, the air-cooled pellets are transported into a spiral device for further pellet cooling and separation. This special design allows the plastic recycling system to effectively pelletize HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE with minimum material degradation at the correct temperature.


The compact design of the plastic recycling system is ideal for producers with insufficient factory space. The dimension of the plastic recycling system is 2.5M x 2.5M x 2 M. It is exceptionally compact and user-friendly, and does not require installation upon machine arrival. The average lead-time of a Polystar air-cooled plastic recycling system RP-120 is only 45 days.