Blown film extruder for recycled material

In Siberia, Russia, Polystar installed the third set of blown film extruder in customer's factory since June 2014.

The producer is using Polystar blown film extruder for producing films for garbage bag. To save the cost on the raw material, this producer is using large percentage of recycled material for producing the film. The producer brings the recycled material from Polystar recycling machine HNT-85V back to the blown film extruder for producing plastic film again. In 6 month, the raw material cost has been decreasing significantly.

The blown film extruder has excellent mixing ability. It can process up to 100% recycled material. CaCO3 compound material can also be processed. The customer is also producing film with 40%CaCO3 material + 60% virgin raw material.

This customer is going to invest another 4 sets of this blown film extruder in spring 2015.