2 sets of blown film machines are installed in Denmark


One set of monolayer blown film machine and one set of co-extrusion two layer blown film machine are installed in Denmark. As located in western Denmark, this company supplies multiple kinds of bags not only for local market but also neighboring countries such as Germany, Norway and Sweden.


The monolayer blown film machine HA65-1600 is capable to produce max. width 1400mm film roll. The film roll will be used for making hole punched bags, soft loop handle bags,…etc.


Due to the market expansion of on-line shopping, demand for courier bag is booming. Another two layer blown film machine CE65-1600 is mounted to satisfy the rising need for making two layer film rolls to produce courier bags.


The customer also installed printing and bag making machine in the factory. By running a complete production line from blown film extrusion, printing, to bag making, quality is thoroughly controlled by them to sell the high value-added end product with good reputation.

Watch the video of two layer blown film machines in Denmark >