Recycling machine installed in Mexico after exhibition

In this year’s Plastimagen, Polystar (Taiwan) demonstrated its re-engineered film recycling machine at the exhibition. Besides a more modern look, the machine was made more compact and efficient to reduce energy and labor cost.

The cutter compactor integrated machine was the highest production line in operation at the fair, with a capacity of 400kg per hour. From day one to the last day of the exhibition, Polystar carried out live demonstration of the machine processing different types of material, including HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE and PP film scraps and film on roll, both printed and unprinted. Customers were able take a much closer look at the machine performance and the quality of the pellets produced.

The demo machine was delivered and installed in Monterrey immediately after the show by Polystar’s local representative in Mexico. The Mexican company dedicated in the production of HDPE and LDPE film and bags, had acquired this machine from Polystar prior to the start of the exhibition. It exports most of its packaging film products to the US and will be using this recycling line to recover its own waste generated from in house production.

According to the owner, the new Polystar recycling machine will replace an European made recycling machine that has been running in the factory for years. “After reviewing many different options, we have found that Polystar’s machine is the most cost effective line on the market today with a fast return on investment. A good quality equipment with low maintenance cost at a reasonable price is what we are looking for.”

8 sets of Polystar’s cutter compactor type recycling lines were sold during the fair along with many other pending projects that will also begin in December and early 2015. More than 300 interested companies in Mexico registered at Polystar’s stand in 4 days.

The one step recycling machine HNT-V has an integration of a cutter compactor which eliminates the need for pre cutting film waste, feeding the waste directly from the compactor into the extruder at a very fast and constant rate without over heating the material. Equipped with double degassing and die face pelletizing, the line is the ideal equipment for processing both printed and unprinted film waste as well as PP raffia and woven waste. 

Apart from Mexican clients, the machine also drew great attention from visitors from Central and South America. Some new projects were finalized during the fair and have begun for Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Colombia, Chile and Ecuador.

Polystar will again be showing its recycling and blown film extrusion machines in NPE (Orlando) in March 2015, Andinapack (Colombia) and Fullplast (Chile).