Polystar Finishes Taipei Plas 2014 with Huge Success

The fast-growing Taiwanese manufacturer Polystar recorded another impressive new record, selling 15 cutter-integrated PE recycling machine and 10 three-layer blown film machines at the show alone. The trend of an increasing amount of order started before the trade fair and has continued since then.

The re-engineered one-step PE recycling machine for packaging film and raffia/woven material is more productive, efficient and compact than the previous model.

The demo machine at the show, which was sold to Germany, drew great attention from customers around the world. New projects have already begun for clients from Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Pakistan, Portugal, Bulgaria, Egypt, Mexico, Guatemala, Kenya, India, Indonesia, UAE and the United States.

Taipei Plas 2014 assured Polystar's strong position as a top competitor in the global market.