Polystar dominates Russia's film recycling market

In October and November 2014, Polystar has installed four more 100mm (HNT-100V) plastic recycling systems in Novosibirsk and Rostov cities in Russia. Additionally, three more 120mm lines will be commissioned in St. Petersburg next month. In most cases, a comprehensive recycling solution is provided to customers starting from crushing (shredding), washing, drying, extrusion pelletizing to pellets collection at the end of the line. Polystar has become one of the most important film recycling system suppliers in Russia, where the demand for both in-house (post-industrial) and post consumer recycling continues to increase.

Polystar and its representative in Russia together provide all the necessary consultations on finding the most suitable equipment, factory space planning as well as the know-how on plastic reprocessing. Evropolimer has more than 20 years of experiences with the reprocessing of secondary polymers, and its specialists have carried out more than 30 installations and commissioning of Polystar plastic recycling systems since 2012.

The machine set-ups in Russia has attracted many potential customers who seek to improve the efficiency in recycling, to automate the process to reduce labor cost, or to increase in production capacity. Recycling is also a profitable business today that many new investors are looking to invest in. At the same time, Polystar's team in Russia also receives customer visits from nearby countries such as Kazakhstan, Moldova, Belarus, Estonia and Lithuania to see the lines in operation and to see the advantages of Polystar's recycling systems in comparison to others.

On average, each HNT-100V plastic recycling system can produce 300~400 kg per hour with power consumption less than 100kw. Capable of processing up to 4 tons per day (washed LDPE film). Both soft (film, film flakes) and rigid regrind waste can be recycled with the same machine.

Besides LDPE film, the HNT-V plastic recycling system is able to recycle HDPE multi-layer and laminated film, washed flakes, PP film, BOPP, PP woven and raffia, blow molded and injection grade (plastic regrind), EPE foam and many others.