PE foam recycling machine installed in Germany

A PE foam recycling machine has been installed in Germany for converting the post-industrial LDPE cross-link foam into granules in October.

The 200 Kg-per-hour cutter-compactor integrated recycling machine was commissioned in Florstadt, Germany for a PE foam producer. The company installed this PE foam recycling machine to reprocess different sizes of foam and cutting skeletons generated from their own production line.

An additional equipment, the single shaft shredder, is used to shred the material at first, and then the foam will be fed to the recycling machine for making uniformed and high quality pellets. Pellets made from the waste PE foam would be used again into production line in the same plant immediately.

This 200kg/hr foam recycling machine has flexibility to process PE/PP in forms of foams, films, bags, flakes as well as regrinds. Currently, this German company also collects the in-house waste of LDPE films from other companies nearby and reprocesses them back into plastic pellets for resell.

According to the production manager from this German company, this PE foam recycling machine was mounted simply for solution of their own in-house waste in the beginning, but at the end, it helps expand their business to a new category for recycling and gains more profits than expected.