Compact blown film machine in USA

In June, Polystar installed another two sets of compact type blown film machine in Dallas, USA.

The buyer for these two sets of blown film machine has been manufacturing plastic bags since early 1970's. They invented many of the packaging products used throughout the restaurant, deli and grocery industry. The compact type blown film machines offered by Polystar were added into their production line to produce HDPE films.

The compact type blown film machines are able to produce HDPE film with maximum film width 650mm. The thickness is 15 micron. The films produced by compact type blown film machine are converted into pop-up bags for deli, bakery and restaurant.

For easier operation, the compact blown film machines are equipped with auto rewinder. It has meter counter to count the total length of the film roll. Once the film roll reaches the length that sets on the meter counter, the flying knife cuts the film roll. At the meantime, the machine changes the film roll to empty winding roll. This automatic type winder helps to save workforce.

The producer is planning to receive another two sets of bottom sealing converting from Polystar to produce pop-up bags.