Dry cleaning bag production line in USA

One of the largest cleaning service company in Texas, USA mounted dry cleaning bag production line provided by Polystar in June 2014.

This company offers house cleaning service and laundry service in Huston, Texas. Due to the high consumption of plastic bags during cleaning service, customer considered to produce the plastic bags to supply his cleaning service company.

The customer was focusing on cleaning service business, he didn't have much information about plastic business. The customer found Polystar on the internet and started to ask Polystar's suggestion about plastic bag production.

Polystar recommended customer to enter the business for producing dry cleaning bags. He only needs to invest a dry cleaning bag making machine and one blown film machine. Also, Polystar recommended customer to add a mini type printer on the blown film machine to print the logo of his customer's company.

The blown film machine that Polystar suggested is with 55mm extruder to produce maximum 900mm LDPE film. After producing the film roll, the dry cleaning bag making machine can make a bag on roll dry cleaning bag.

Now the blown film machine and the dry cleaning bag making machine are in production of dry cleaning bags at customer's factory already. Customer is planning to buy more machines for producing garbage bags for cleaning service's use.