Film production line in Uzbekistan


Another 5 sets blown film machine were installed in Uzbekistan in May 2014. The new customer is the film producer for different kinds of plastic films. The 5 sets of blown film machine includes 3 sets mono layer mini blown film machine, model MB45-750, one set of two layer blown film machine for making the film with different color on each layer. The other set blown film machine is PVC blown film machine for making stretch film.

This producer makes many different kinds of plastic films and sell the plastic films to printing companies, bag making companies and packaging companies.

(1) Mini type blown film machine is for producing HDPE film with max. width of 600mm.The machine can make film with gusset or without gusset. The customer sells this HDPE film to shopping bag and carrier bag producers.

(2) Two layer blown film machine for producing agricultural film. The customer is using this machine for producing white and black film / silver and black film. Using two 65mm extruders for producing 1500mm film.

(3) PVC blown film machine is used to produce PVC stretch film with the width of 500mm.

The machines are all installed and running in Tashkent, Uzbekistan now. Customer is looking for another ABC three layer blown film machine from Polystar.