Blown film factory in Saudi Arabia

12 sets of blown film made by Polystar were mounted in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in January 2014. Since the plastic production business is popular in Saudi Arabia, the demand of the product is also getting higher and higher, this customer had a plan for entering new business at the end of 2012.

Customer started to make business plan at the end of 2012. They collected some product sample which is popular in Saudi Arabia and sent to Polystar. After examining the sample, Polystar recommended customer some machines which is suitable for producing the films for making the product.

This customer planned to produce:
1. T-shirt bag with width from 10cm to 50cm. With and without gusseting
2. Bottom sealed flat bag with width from 10cm to 35cm
3. Garment bags with width 30cm to 50cm
4. Garbage bags with width 50cm to 100cm

Polystar suggested the customer to have mini type blown film machine for making small sized T-shirt bag and bottom sealed flat bag(width 10cm to 50cm), HDPE films are suitable to be produced by this mini type blown film machine. The output of this mini type blown film machine is on average 40kg/hr. Polystar recommended customer to get 8 sets of this machine to the production line.

For producing films with width 50cm to 100cm, Polystar recommended customer to have 55mm extruder blown film machine. Two sets of this machine will be able to produce 50 cm to 100cm films for making garbage bags. Material will be HDPE blended with LDPE to make tougher film.

To make garment bag with width 30 to 50cm, Polystar recommend customer to use blown film machine with 45mm extruder for producing LDPE garment bags. Polystar also suggested customer to add some LLDPE material into LDPE material to make the film look brighter and will be tougher than films made from 100% LDPE.

After discussion, customer visited Polystar factory to see the machines. At the end of August 2013 , customer ordered 12 sets blown film machine from Polystar, including 8 sets HDPE mini blown film machine, 2 sets 55mm extruder blown film machine and 2 sets 45mm extruder blown film machine. The machines were installed in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in January 2014. After 6 months of working, customer is very satisfied with Polystar machines' performance and the service that Polystar offered. They are planning to expand the production line at the 4th season of 2014.

Polystar offers customer detailed suggestions on the production line. For the past 3 years, Polystar already successfully organized more than 20 projects for plastic bag production starters. The projects included blown film machine, bag making machine, printing machine and recycling machines.