Mattress packaging film blowing machine in Uganda

Another large sized blown film machine was installed in Uganda for producing 1500mm LDPE film. The 1500mm LDPE film will be used for mattress packaging.

The buyer of this mattress packaging film blowing machine used to import the mattress packaging films from China. Since the demand for mattress packaging bags is increasing year by year, he needed to import more and more films from outside of the country. In the year of 2012, he decided to try to produce the mattress packaging films by himself. After the first order of mattress film blowing machine in 2012, this film producer in Uganda kept ordering one or two film blowing machines for making mattress packaging films every year. Till the year of 2014, he already has 5 sets film blowing machines to produce mattress packaging films.

The mattress packaging film blowing machine is designed for mixing LDPE/LLDPE blended material. The specially designed die head also helps to produce the film with higher toughness.