T-shirt Bag Producer in Uzbekistan

Polystar helped a customer from Uzbekistan to start his new T-shirt bag production line in February 2014. The customer was in the plastic film printing business for more than 5 years. He used to import the plastic films from China, after printing the film at his factory, he sells the printed film to plastic bag making companies to make plastic bags. In January 2014, he decided to start producing plastic film and bags on his own.

The demand of T-shirt bag and shopping bag is increasing in Uzbekistan, this producer wants to start the business with the production of 25,000,000 pcs of T-shirt bags per month. For producing T-shirt bags, Polystar offers this customer 3 sets of blown film machine for making 650mm with HDPE film and one set of T-shirt bag making machine for making 720 pcs of T-shirt bags per minute. In addition to producing T-shirt bags, the producer also purchased two sets of LDPE blown film machine(maximum width 650mm). Another side sealing machine is added in the project. The producer also planned to make side sealed shopping bags.

The T-shirt bag making machine that Polystar offered is very suitable for making T-shirt bag and bottom sealed bags. The bottom sealed bag making machine is able to process the film made from 100% recycled material or 10% CaCO3 blended material. The side sealing machine Polystar offered can produce stationary packaging bag, side sealed shopping bags and clothes packaging bag...

Polystar is capable to help customers to make plans for new plastic bag producing project. Any customer who wants to start plastic bag producing business are very welcomed to consult Polystar.