Recycling lines installed in Mexico

Polystar will install 3 more cutter-compactor film lines in Mexico City, Yucatán and Metepec in the upcoming months, after setting up the last one in Jalisco in June.

The demo recycling machine for Plastimagen in November has already been pre- sold, and will be installed in customer's factory in Mexico City immediately after the exhibition. The integrated recycling machine can process up to 400kg per hour doing LDPE post-industrial film waste.

Polystar's recycling lines are designed specifically for high efficiency post-industrial film recycling and reprocessing. The one-step recycling line with a cutter integration eliminates the need for pre-cutting and pre-conditioning of polyethylene and polypropylene film waste. The integrated machine is ideal for HDPE, LDPE/LLDPE and PP rejected film scrap, film rolls and edge trim waste generated from in-house production. Other types of waste such as PP woven, raffia and thermoformed cups and trays of PP and PS are also applicable on this machine.