Successful start up in Nairobi

In June, Polystar installed another 3 layer blown film machine in Nairobi, Kenya. The LDPE blown film machine is equipped with gravimetric dosing system and automatic winding and cutting devices to increase the level of automation and reduce labor cost.

The 10 meter high film extrusion line is capable of producing LDPE film from 800 mm in width up to 1700 mm for a variety of flexible packaging product.

The ABA three layer blown film extrusion line is suitable for making shrink film, film for mattress packaging, greenhouse cover and beverage packaging.

Besides reducing a significant amount of raw material used in the formula, another advantage of the ABA machine is that the 3 layer film that it produces is 30% stronger than film produced by a mono layer extruder. The ABA machine is also much more economic comparing to an ABC three layer machine as it has one extruder less.

In Taipei Plas 2014, Polystar will exhibit an ABA blown film machine at the show to introduce this technology to the visitors.