PP woven recycling machine set up in India

In June, Polystar successfully installed a new recycling line HNT-100VS in Kolkata, India. The Indian-based FIBC bags/woven sacks manufacturer supplies PP woven jumbo/FIBC bags to various countries all over the world. The company is equipped with excellent machines for production of good quality PP woven bags. The newly-acquired Polystar pelletizing line is currently processing rejected raffia waste (tapes, fabric, film, lumps) generated from in-house production processes. The recycled pellets are put directly back into the tape extrusion lines for processing. These recycled pellets can be loaded in high percentages and still produce excellent fabric with good tensile strength and elongation.

Apart from India, Polystar has been very successful in installation of recycling machines for recycling PP raffia scrap all over the world including Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Nigeria, Poland, Chile, Colombia and many others.

The HNT-V and VS models are ideally suited for recycling of PP/PE woven bags and have the following features:

1. Cutter compactor for faster and more stable material feeding
An improved design of the cutter compactor now works superbly with PP raffia scrap. The compactor cuts, dries and compacts the material that enables a fast and stable feeding from the compactor directly into the extruder

2. Degassing with vacuum pump ensures a superior degassing effect, providing
excellent quality pellets from even heavily printed material.

3. Minimal changes in MFI
ensures high loading of recycled pellets in the tape extrusion process with excellent tensile strength and elongation.

4. Additive feeder for adding master batch and compounds
This feature is very helpful in homogeneously blending the recycled polymer melt with color master batch or additive master batch to give the desired quality to the recycled pellets.