New recycling line for heavily printed film installed in the Philippines


New recycling line for heavily printed film installed in the Philippines

In June, Polystar successfully installed new recycling line "Repro-Print" in the Philippines. The Philippine-based film manufacturer supplies fully printed film products for food and beverage packaging. The company is equipped with high performing machine from renowned European suppliers such as Alpine (film extrusion) and printing machine from Fischer & Krecke. The newly-acquired Polystar pelletizing lines are currently processing fully printed rejected film waste generated from in-house. The recycled pellets are put directly back into the film extrusion lines for reprocessing.

Polystar offers a much improved system for post-industrial film recycling (particularly HDPE, LDPE, PP and BOPP heavily printed)

-- Heavily printed HDPE, LDPE, PP, BOPP and PS film scraps and film on-roll, with film surface fully printed up to 95%. Also suitable of processing lightly printed and unprinted flexible packaging material
-- Also applicable for raffia, woven bags and pre-washed film flakes that contain a higher percentage of humidity level

recycled pellets from heavily printed plastic film

heavily printed plastic material

New Features:
The new system "Repro-Print" has three significant improvements from the previous models:

  1. Triple degassing

    In addition to the double degassing in the first extruder, the venting area (the connection between the first and second extruder) serves as a third degassing section to further remove the ink and extra humidity level from the material

  2. Improved cutter compactor for faster and more stable material feeding

    An improved design of the cutter compactor now works superbly with printed BOPP film. The compactor cuts, dries and compacts the material that enables a fast and stable feeding from the compactor directly into the extruder

  3. Filtration before degassing: The re-positioning of filtration before degassing

    ensures a superior degassing effect, producing excellent quality pellets from heavily printed material

the third degassing in a two stage plastic recycling machine

recycled plastic pellets from the heavily printed material