K 2013: Polystar’s plastic recycling machine stands out

Polystar (Taiwan) recognized as a top choice for plastic recycling machine after K show
The fast-growing Taiwanese manufacturer recorded an impressive new record, selling 12 cutter-integrated recycling machines at the show alone. The trend of an increasing amount of order started before the trade fair and has continued since then.

The demo machine at the show, which was sold and delivered to UK (Great Britain), drew great attention from customers around the world. New projects have already begun for clients from Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Portugal, Lithuania, Egypt, Venezuela, Mexico, Kenya, India, Indonesia, and the United States.

At Polystar's stand during the exhibition, customers were able to share and exchange information with one another. One was able to find and talk to users of Polystar's recycling machines to obtain more references and have their questions answered. For example, a producer of EPS foam in Norway was able to share his experience on recycling EPS with another maker from Saudi Arabia. Most of these returning Polystar users, among them there are industrial leaders from different parts of the world, came back to purchase their second and third recycling lines. As the previously acquired Polystar machines have helped their business grow, they were willing to tell their stories to the new Polystar buyers. Some knowledge of recycling and know-how was also exchanged between Polystar users on processing different types of waste material.

The star of the exhibit
The recycling machine, Polystar HNT-V, which was shown at the exhibition, stood out for its cost-effectiveness. The ROI (return on investment) of this machine has been proven to be less than a year. The high-efficiency, one-step recycling machine HNT-V eliminates the need for pre-cutting the material, requires less space and energy consumption while producing high quality plastic pellets at a productive rate.

Since 2012, Polystar has installed 70 cutter-integrated recycling lines around the world, over 100 lines have been sold. In addition to having experience with film recycling machinery, another advantage of Polystar is that is also produce blown film extrusion machines. This opportunity gives Polystar the leverage to work even closer with its customers and to better understand their needs. From constant customer feedback and information on new market trends, Polystar is able to modify and re-engineer its recycling machines to be more efficient, user-friendly, and durable to stay competitive in the market.

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