Blown film machines installed in Ecuador

The blown film producer located in Guayaquil, Ecuador, has recently added two more blown film machines from Polystar. The film producer focuses on the production and distribution of high and low density PE films, natural and treated. In addition, the blown film machines are producing plastic bags for banana.

The company started its film production division a few years ago. With the nine blown film machines that the company previously acquired, it now has a total of eleven blown film machines.

Two sets of the blown film machines are operating with rotary die head. One of the blown film machines has a corona treater set up for surface treatment. Both blown film machines are equipped with an edge trim in-line recycling. The edge trim recycling device is designed to work with the waste coming from the blown film machines.

The barrier screw design of the blown film machines are specially done for the good mixing of LDPE and LLDPE film. This screw design of the blown film machines noticeably improves the mixing of LD/LLDPE, producing high quality film even when using recycled material.

Since 2012, Polystar has installed more than 25 blown film machines in Ecuador, mainly in the industrial area of Guayqauil and Quito. These blown film machines vary from co-extrusion 3 layer blown film machines, co-extrusion 2 layer blown film machines, single layer blown film machines, and agricultural blown film machine. The co-extrusion blown film machines are mainly used for LDPE mulch film and flexible packaging. According to the owner of the factory, some Ecuadorian factories used to purchase used blown film machines from Italy or Spain, and are now renewing their equipment. Blown film machines from Taiwan is one of the best choices for them.

Polystar's HA model blown film machines are capable of producing HDPE blown film, LDPE blown film, and a mixture of LDPE and LLDPE blown film. Polystar has already had more than 25 years of manufacturing blown film machines.