Installation in Germany

Milestone reached: 160th re-engineered HNT-V sold
After the installation of a 450kg/hr cutter-compactor plastic recycling system in Dortmund Germany in April, Polystar, the Taiwanese plastic recycling system manufacturer, celebrates another milestone. This was the 100th re-engineered cutter compactor film recycling system that Polystar has installed in a customer's factory since 2012. More than 160 units of the same model have been sold to 85 countries worldwide in less than 3 years. The plastic recycling system manufacturer's experience in producing this type of systems gives customers much added value and reliability.

With more than 40% revenue growth every year since 2011, Polystar is currently the largest manufacturer of plastic recycling system in Taiwan. The biggest advantage of the company is its ability to supply customers with high quality plastic recycling systems at a very affordable cost.

High-efficiency plastic recycling systems with less process and higher output
Polystar, the plastic recycling system manufacturer, has been focusing on the re-engineering of its best-selling model, the HNT-V, is designed specifically for post-industrial film recycling and reprocessing. The one-step, high-efficiency plastic recycling system with a cutter integration eliminates the need for pre-cutting and pre-conditioning of polyethylene and polypropylene film waste generated from in-house.

Polystar, the Taiwanese plastic recycling system manufacturer, not only works with some of the biggest film producers around the world, but also cooperates closely with many medium and smaller producers. As the plastic recycling system manufacturer provides customers a wide range of capacity to choose from (50kg per hour all the way up to 1,000kg per hour), most factories can easily find a plastic recycling system that is suitable both economic-wise and productivity-wise.

Turn your ex-factory waste back into the production line!
In general, plastic film waste and scrap recycling can be a problematic operation, since the low bulk density of the material can make high output difficult to achieve. Polystar's plastic recycling system with an integration of a cutter compactor helps to solve this problem by giving the material a quick densification, before feeding it directly into the tangentially connected extruder. This process helps to achieve very stable and fast output comparing to other methods in the market today. The plastic recycling system can process scrap material on a conveyor and film-on-roll on nip roll film feeder simultaneously.

The most commonly processed industrial waste from blown film and cast film productions are: Printed and unprinted PE (HDPE/LDPE), PP, heavily printed films, edge trims, defected film roll scrap, multi-layer films (PE/PA), stretch and shrink films are ideal for this plastic recycling system.

The plastic recycling system manufacturer's recycling machines, built for 24/7 reliable and easy operation, provide customers with a cost-effective way to reuse plastic, putting the waste and scrap back into the manufacturing process to increase profit margin. The like-new, high quality recycled pellets give great value back to the film producers as they can be put directly back into the production line.

The plastic recycling system manufacturer's recycling machines are equipped with Siemens energy saving motors and electrical components from Schneider. Comparing to European machinery suppliers, Polystar's machines have a much faster return on investment, providing high quality recycling machines at a very affordable cost.

Exhibitions and Show Rooms
The plastic recycling system manufacturer will be presenting recycling lines in Plastimagen (Mexico) in November, Taipei Plas 2014 and NPE (Orlando) in 2015.

The plastic recycling system manufacturer machine show rooms in the United Kingdom, Dubai, Russia and India with live demonstration have been receiving customers every week. The next step for the plastic recycling system manufacturer will be to open a show room in Mexico and another one in South America, as the demand in the region continues to increase.


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