Polystar plastic recycling equipment will be commissioned soon in Chile

One more set of Polystar HDPE/LDPE plastic recycling equipment (model HNT-100V, capacity 300kg per hour) will be installed in Santiago, Chile in April. This will be the 10th machine that Polystar has installed in Chile in 2014.

The high-performance, one step plastic recycling equipment is designed specifically for the reprocessing of post-industrial HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE film, printed and unprinted. Moreover, the design for cutter-compactor integration eliminates the need of pre-cutting the material before feeding, which has been proved to reduce the labor cost and energy consumption significantly.

In March, Polystar carried out installations of multiple plastic recycling equipments in Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala and Venezuela. In addition to the recycling of packaging film, other material such as PP raffia, PE/PS foam, stretch film, washed film flakes can also be processed efficiently with the same equipment. In the same month, Polystar also installed 3 sets of plastic recycling equipments in the United States. The largest line is plastic recycling equipment situated in Chicago, which is commissioned to process 900kg/hr stretch film.

High efficiency and capacity plastic recycling equipment is indispensable for film producers today to stay competitive in the market, mainly to reduce the cost of raw material and to produce high quality recycled pellets for reprocessing. Comparing to most plastic recycling equipment manufacturers in the market, Polystar's plastic recycling equipment provides a much faster return on investment, for the good machine quality and reasonable price that it offers to customers. For that reason it is gaining rapid popularity in the market. Polystar's show room opened in the United Kingdom has attracted customer visits in the European region every week.

Polystar will be having live demonstration for plastic recycling equipment in Plastimagen (Mexico) in December 2014, Taipei Plas 2014, as well as in NPE Orland in 2015. A re-engineered HNT-85V, which is an upgraded version from the displayed machine in K show 2013, will be presented during the exhibitions.