Co-extrusion blown film machine set up in Mongolia

Polystar has recently set up three sets co-extrusion blown film machine in Mongolia. The customer, Mr. Jamts Otgonbayar, director of plastic packaging association in Mongolia, is satisfied with Polystar's co-extrusion blown film machines' performance.

The customer has been in the plastic bag production industry for more than 15 years. The factory is producing plastic films and bag mainly for food packaging. Now the business is extended to T-shirt bag production.

Nowadays, the ABA type co-extrusion blown film machine is becoming a trend for producing films which can be used for making T-shirt bag. The customer saw the trend and found that Polystar's co-extrusion blown film machine will help to save raw material cost when producing T-shirt bag. Customer decided to add three more sets of co-extrusion blown film machine to his T-shirt bag production line.

The co-extrusion blown film machine Polystar offered is able to mix up to 60% CaCO3 and recycled material in the middle layer. The outer layer customer is using 20% CaCO3 when producing T-shirt bag. As per customer's conversation, the output of the machines are stable and the film quality is beyond his satisfaction. This co-extrusion blown film machine helped him to save a lot of raw material cost and make his product become more competitive in the market.