Plastic recycling machine in Saudi Arabia

Polystar has recently installed a new plastic recycling machine in Saudi Arabia. The Jeddah-based company is specialized in LDPE film, HDPE film, PS sheet production, which shares 70% of plastic film market in Jeddah city.

The company has more than 300 sets machines from Europe, including 4 sets of plastic recycling machines. During K show 2013, the owner of the company visited Polystar's booth and saw the performance of Polystar's plastic recycling machine. After K show, Polystar started the cooperation with this company and became their first Taiwanese machine supplier.

The newly installed plastic recycling machine in Saudi Arabia has the average output of 500kg/hr while recycling LDPE films and PS sheets. The recycled pellets from the plastic recycling machine will be brought back to their production line for producing the product again.

The output and overall performance of the plastic recycling machine in Saudi Arabia meets customer's satisfaction. The operation and maintenance is easier than European machines as per the operator's conversation. Now the customer is planning to expand the plastic film production and they are also planning to add another Polystar plastic recycling machine with larger capacity in Saudi Arabia.