Plastic recycle machine manufacturer for air-cooling type machine

Known as the plastic recycle machine manufacturer, Polystar developed a new line for manufacturing air-cooling type plastic recycle machine. Among all the plastic recycle machine manufacturers from Taiwan, Polystar has been exclusive plastic recycle machine manufacturer for such air-cooling type plastic recycle machine.

As a manufacturer for both plastic recycle machine and blown film machine, Polystar has gained the opportunity to work even more closely with its customers and understand their need better. From constant customer feedback and information on new market trend, Polystar, the plastic recycle machine manufacturer, is able to modify and re-engineer its machines to be more efficient, user friendly and durable to stay competitive in the market. The RP plastic recycle machine is then created due to the need from film producers who has concern about water consumption.

Polystar, the plastic recycle machine manufacturer, re-engineered the cooling system for air-cooling type instead. By assembling the air-cooling system, the plastic pellets can be used right after the recycling process. 

Inspired by the European design, Polystar has developed the vortex air-cooling system especially for the mini type plastic recycle machine. As the first and only plastic recycle manufacturer for mini type plastic recycle machine, a spiral device is assembled for better cooling effect. Pellets from pelletizing unit will be transferred into the compact spiral device. With the long flat tunnel, pellets will be cooled before transporting to the storage tank.

Generally speaking, factories with roughly 8 blown film machines need to acquire one air-cooling plastic recycle machine. It is essential equipment as to recover the waste from film producing process and to reduce the cost from purchasing virgin raw material.

Until today, many film producers still outsourced the film waste to recycling center. Polystar, the plastic recycle machine manufacturer, has found a niche market by supplying air-cooling type recycle machine.