Blown film extrusion machines running in Thailand

One set of HA blown film extrusion machine and one set of MB blown film extrusion machine have been installed to increase the productivity. The blown film extrusion machines are running in Thailand for producing t-shirt bags and bottom sealed bags.

The HA blown film extrusion machine is acquired to produce HDPE film for making bottom sealed bag. As a common series blown film extrusion machine for producing monolayer plastic film, the machine is producing high quality film effectively with low power consumption. The screw is well designed for thorough mixing effect when adding chemical additives or recycled pellets to the raw material.

Another MB blown film extrusion machine is installed to produce the film for printing purpose. Equipped with the corona treater, the surface treatment is done before the end of manufacturing process. The MB blown film extrusion machines is commissioned to produce HDPE films for making t-shirt bags. Proved to be strong in elasticity, the t-shirt bags made from the HDPE film brings great feedback and reputation for producers in local markets. “We have bought similar machine from other suppliers in the past, but only Polystar blown film extrusion machine is qualified to offer such quality film,” said the production manager.

The MB blown film extrusion machines is space-saving and user-friendly. Moreover, the advantage of easy-operation has reduced the time and cost for training the operators.