Plastic recycling plants in Algeria

Polystar has sold plastic recycling plants to another new market, Algeria. Two sets of plastic recycling plants were purchased by a polyethylene sheet and film producer, and one set of HNT-85V plastic recycling plant has been installed in Oran, Algeria.

As a polyethylene sheet and film producer, the HNT-85V plastic recycling plant is commissioned to process the post industrial waste from his own factory. The average output for the plastic recycling plant is 200 Kg per hour, and the plastic pellets can be used again for film blowing procedure.

The producer outsourced all of its polyethylene waste to recycling center in the past, and the recently installed plastic recycling plant would be capable to process all the polyethylene waste directly after production line. In the future, customer will also use the plastic recycling plants to process the post industrial waste collected from other companies.

The shredder integrated plastic recycling plant is designed for processing HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE films, bags, and sheet. And the second plastic recycling plant will soon be installed in another factory.