Plastic recycling machine commissioned in Kenya

Polystar installed one more set of HNT-85V plastic recycling machine in Kenya. The packaging film producer supplies shrink films, shrink bag/ sleeves, stretch films, PE sheets and etc. and offers solutions to various food processing industries e.g diary, tea and coffee.

The high quality pellets produced from the plastic recycling machine are put straight back into the production line for reprocessing.

The ISO-certified film producer purchased another Polystar ABA 3 layer film extrusion immediately after the installation of recycling machine. The producer will use 100% recycled material in the middle layer. The recycled material will come from the plastic recycling machine.

The integrated plastic recycling machine produces about 220kg per hour. Excellent for in-house recycling, particularly for film producers. It can recycle complete film rolls without the need for pre-crushing or pre-cutting, in addition to T-shirt bags cut offs from bag making process. The plastic recycling machine pre-conditions the material for the extrusion process. The material is cut, heated, dried and compacted to ensure stable feeding.

Plastic recycling machine is an indispensable line in film production today, as in house recycling notably reduces the cost of raw material. when you add it all together, factories with more than 5 blown film machines need to acquire a plastic recycling machine to recover the waste that it produces, normally from defected film product, edge trim or cut offs.

The HNT-V plastic recycling machine is able to recycle HDPE as well as LD/LLDPE and PP. Shrink film, stretch film, EVA film are also applicable on the plastic recycling machine.

Polystar, one of the most experienced plastic recycling machine manufacturers, has been supplying plastic recycling machines to Kenya since 2008. Today there are more than 10 sets of Polystar plastic recycling machines operating in Kenya.