PP film blowing machine set up in South Africa

One of the largest PP (polypropylene) flexible packaging producers in South Africa has recently acquired a second 65 mm Polystar PP film blowing machine. The company focuses on the production of different types of flexible packaging --- HDPE and LDPE films for food packaging, commercial bags, PP film, woven bag and etc. The first PP recycling machine was installed earlier this year and the investment is coming back very quickly.

The PP film blowing machine is built with rotary die head and with 10 different water-ring sizes, which allow the factory to produce film width.

The client has already acquired 3 sets of PE film blowing machines from Polystar in 2012, this new addition of PP film blowing machine is mainly for the new production line of for food packaging, transparent film for flower and garment packaging. The company is currently producing PP film of 300mm ~ 700mm.

PP film blowing machine is also known as polypropylene film blowing machine.

The new addition of the PP film blowing machine will increase the PP film production to 160kg per hour.