Film extruder machines now running in Venezuela

Polystar recently installed 2 sets of HA film extruder machines in Venezuela. The company is a top producer of premium polyethylene packaging film products in Caracas. With the addition of Polystar's single layer film extruder machines as well as two and three layers film extruder machines, the company has been able to increase flexibility on the film products that it produces.

Both film extruder machines are equipped with rotary die heads and back-to-back winders. The two film extruder machines are producing HDPE and LDPE films from 600mm to 1500mm in width.

The film extruder machines are equipped with Polystar's in-line recycling machines, designed to work with edge trim coming from the film extruder machines.

The HA film extruder machines are able to produce HDPE as well as LDPE and LLDPE films. The unique screw design of the film extruder machine significantly improves the mixing of material, producing high quality film even when using recycled material. The precise die gap of the film extruder machine is also a key element for increasing stability of the bubble.