PE recycling machine gaining popularity in Russia


Polystar is currently the largest supplier of PE recycling machine to the Russian market. In the past three months it has installed 8 sets of PE recycling machine HNT-V in the Russian market alone, mainly in plastic film producers and recycling centers. 5 sets of HNT-100V PE recycling machines have been installed, along with a 65, 85, and 150mm PE recycling machine.

The cost of virgin material has skyrocketed for Russian film producers since 2011 and in-house PE recycling is one of the most urgent needs today for companies of all sizes. Polystar's one step PE recycling machines enable producers to efficiently process PE film waste with ease. On average, each HNT-100V PE recycling machine can produce 300kg per hour.

Evropolimer, Polystar's exclusive agent in the market, has found great success by providing local installation, maintenance and after-sale services of Polystar's PE recycling machines.

Evropolimer practices Polystar's always-in-stock program, in which it keeps available spare parts that can be delivered to its clients locally and immediately at all time. Customers equipped with Polystar PE recycling machines are able to acquire spare parts locally.

The HNT-V plastic bag recycling machine is able to recycle HDPE as well as LD/LLDPE and PP.