PP woven recycling machines in India


One of the largest plastic sectors in India is without a doubt the PP woven segment. Polystar has recently installed two HNT-100VS PP woven recycling machines in India. Both companies focus on the recycling of in-house PP woven bags, none-woven, jumbo bags, PP raffia, PP woven sacks and tapes. The first PP woven recycling machine was installed earlier this year and the return on investment has proven to be extremely fast.

The PP pellets coming out from PP woven recycling machines can be reused again in the production of PP woven. In most cases in circular weaving looms and tapelines.

Both companies are producing around 250kg per hour. The PP woven recycling machines are equipped with Siemens energy saving motors which reduce energy consumption up to 5%. One of the companies is preparing to acquire the second PP woven recycling machine with 150mm screw by the end of this year, aiming to increase output up to 9,000 kg per hour. The high reusability of the pellets is the biggest advantage of PP woven recycling machine, in which PP woven producers can save up to 20~30% cost of material.

The HNT-V plastic recycling system is able to recycle HDPE as well as LD/LLDPE and PP.