Plastic recycling line running in Malawi


Polystar installed its first HNT-V plastic recycling line in Malawi, Africa. This HNT-65V plastic recycling line produces around 120kg for PE film, and is currently processing in house film waste as well washed plastic film flakes.

Since 2011, Polystar has been installing more plastic recycling lines in Africa, primarily in South Africa, Algeria, Kenya, and Nigeria. Companies from other parts of Africa such as Malawi, Ethiopia, Uganda and Ghana have also acquired plastic recycling lines from Polystar for film reprocessing. In the past where waste was not treated properly, these plastic recycling lines have been helping companies to efficiently reprocess waste and reuse them for various types of plastic production.

The HNT-V plastic recycling line is able to recycle HDPE as well as LD/LLDPE and PP.