Film blowing machine installed in Malaysia


Polystar installed 6 sets of HA film blowing machines in Malaysia and a HNT-100V plastic recycling machine. The company is a leading manufacturer of high quality polyethylene film products in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Now equipped with Polystar's mono layer film blowing machines as well as two and three layers film blowing machines, the company is expected to increase production output by 200% in 2014. The third production facility has just been finished and is expected to acquire another 40 film blowing machines from Polystar within a year.

4 sets of the HA film blowing machines are now operating with in-line printing. Two of them are equipped with Polystar's in-line recycling machines, designed to work with edge trim coming from film blowing machines.

The HA film blowing machines are able to produce HDPE as well as LDPE and LLDPE films. The special screw design of the film blowing machines significantly improves the mixing of material, producing high quality film even when using recycled material.